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Veterans Offer Assistance to the County

During the July Marine Corps League meeting, members unanimously agreed that the City is in need of a new fire station. However, we strongly believe that locating it next to the Veterans hall is not the most suitable choice. The county's current approach seems to prioritize cost-cutting measures at the expense of downtown businesses and the land that has been cherished by veterans for a century. As veterans, we are offering to collaborate with the county in finding a more appropriate location for the fire station, one that will have minimal impact on downtown businesses and events while preserving the land dedicated to veterans one hundred years ago.

In our pursuit of an optimal solution, we are seeking assistance from the public. It is disheartening to observe the county disregarding the concerns raised about the proposed location, proceeding with a suboptimal plan despite the advice from Veterans groups. We firmly advocate for a thorough and thoughtful approach to ensure that the fire station is situated in the most suitable spot from the beginning without taking shortcuts or taking the easy way out. It is essential for the betterment of our community, the prosperity of downtown businesses, and the preservation of the veterans' memorial that Supervisor Diane Burgis be contacted to advocate for a location that will benefit our community. Together, let us strive for a resolution that supports the fire district’s needs, honors our veterans, supports local businesses, and strengthens the bond within our community.

We are extending our offer to assist the county in locating a more suitable site for the fire station. Your support is vital in this endeavor. We kindly request you to contact Supervisor Diane Burgis. Urge her to reconsider the fire station's location, prioritize finding a better-suited spot with thoughtful input from community members, and in a way that benefits our community as a whole.

People to Contact

Supervisor Burgis

Diane Burgis, Supervisor, District 3 Email Diane Burgis Mailing Address 3361 Walnut Boulevard Suite 140, Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 925-655-2330 Fax: 925-240-7261


Brentwood City Council

Although the proposed fire station is not on City land, our elected representatives can request the County to review the proposed location of the fire station.

City Council group email

Bryant, Joel Mayor (925) 516-5440

Mendoza, Jovita Council Member (925) 516-5440

Meyer, Susannah Vice Mayor (925) 516-5440

Pierson, Pa'tanisha Council Member (925) 516-5440

Oerlemans, Tony Council Member (925) 516-5440

Tim Ogden, City Manager,

Fire District

Aaron McAlister, Deputy Fire Chief at Contra Costa County Fire Protection District


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