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Letter to Brentwood City Council

From: Bill Weber Sent: Friday, July 7, 2023 3:17 PM To: Bryant, Joel <>; Jovita Mendoza <>; Meyer, Susannah <>;; Cc: BVMB Board; Ogden, Tim <> Subject: Property Designated for Veterans of East County

Mayor Joel Bryant and Honorable Council Members,

We respectfully request your support on behalf of the Veterans of Brentwood. As you may be aware, the county is in the process of developing plans for a multi-story fire station on the lot adjacent to the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building. However, it is important to note that the proposed plans exceed the capacity of the existing space occupied by the old fire station. This expansion is deemed necessary to accommodate larger fire engines that will be housed at the new station.

The downtown area has undergone significant growth and transformation since the closure of the previous fire station. As part of the county's ambitious plans, a new fire station is being proposed, featuring larger fire engines that require a substantial increase in space. Unfortunately, these plans involve encroaching upon land that has been utilized by Veterans for over a century. If implemented, the Veterans would face the loss of storage space, parking areas that are essential for disabled veterans, and event spaces that hold great significance for our community. The proposed development raises concerns regarding the impact it would have on the Veterans and their vital activities within the downtown area.

Our Downtown holds a distinct and irreplaceable charm that sets it apart from larger urban areas. The proposed construction of a multi-story fire station has elicited concerns from veterans and local businesses alike, as it has the potential to disrupt the harmonious ambiance and intimate atmosphere that define our beloved downtown. Moreover, it is vital to consider the potential impact on downtown businesses and pedestrians when envisioning fire engines blaring down First Street. This raises valid concerns about the disruption caused to individuals seeking to enjoy themselves in downtown Brentwood, as well as the potential effect on local businesses. Would you invite the blaring sirens for your wedding, funeral, memorial, quinceañera? Or while you are seated outside enjoying a meal at one of the numerous restaurants in downtown Brentwood?

The downtown area features narrow streets and experiences a significant amount of foot traffic, with visitors frequenting local businesses. Introducing fire engines into this congested environment would undoubtedly have an impact on the entire community. The increased presence of fire engines maneuvering through these narrow streets could lead to disruptions and potential safety concerns for both pedestrians and motorists.

It appears that the county may have overlooked certain considerations in their decision-making process. It seems as though they are opting for the easier route by utilizing a piece of property they already own, rather than seeking a more suitable location that aligns better with the needs of the community. While we fully recognize the importance of having a fire station and hold immense respect for our dedicated firefighters, we firmly maintain that there are alternative locations within our city that would better accommodate this development without compromising the cherished hometown feel of downtown Brentwood or the land occupied by Veterans for over 100 years.

In light of these concerns, we respectfully urge you to engage with Supervisor Burgis and advocate for a meeting between the veterans, the fire department, and the City to reassess their plans. By coming together and reevaluating the chosen location, we can ensure that all stakeholders have a voice in the decision-making process, ultimately working towards a solution that benefits the entire community. It is through open dialogue and collaborative efforts that we can navigate this issue and find a resolution that upholds the values and interests of our beloved hometown.

We thank you for your continued support of the Brentwood Veterans.


Board Members Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building

Commander VFW Post 10789

Commander American Legion Post 202

Commandant Marine Corps League Detachment 1155


Brentwood Press

Brentwood City Council

Brentwood Chamber of Commerce


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