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Email to County about BVMB Property Line

Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building. Our mission is to maintain the building as a memorial for those that gave the last full measure, for those currently serving, and to provide for those yet to come.

Below is an email Daniel Moses, Chair of the BVMB board, sent about new property markers that take substantial land away from east county Veterans. The proposed line would take away parking currently used by disabled vets.

From: Daniel Moses Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2023 7:54 AM To:; Buck S. Carmichael <>;;; Supervisor_Burgis <>; VS Veterans <> Cc: BVMB Board Members Subject: Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building

Good morning,

Without notice we see pink painted markings and property line wording spray painted on the ground invading the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Buildings property. It appears our new neighbors, Contra Costa Fire Protection District, intends to invade and claim land without any discussion or agreement.

When the County Fire Protection District absorbed East Contra Costa Fire, Assistant Chief Aaron Macalister visited the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building Board of Directors to gauge resistance & willingness of the Veterans to give up and relinquish some land to their new building plans.

A few weeks later, County Veterans Service representative Josh Lang visited in what appeared to be for the similar. He spoke about asking the Fire District for Office Space in their new building, indirectly asking the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building Board of Directors about the property lines.

The Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building is heading into its 100th year located on the county property lots 25-32. Will we celebrate with a smaller footprint?

Please let us now what is going on…

Is the county taking property away from the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building?

How much should we expect to lose?

Who is it that is making the ‘deals’ and misrepresenting the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building Board of Directors?

Our next Board Meeting is Thursday, July 6th at 7pm at the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building.

Thank you

Daniel Moses

BVMB Board Chair



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