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Veterans History Project


I been contacted by a Boy Scout from Troop 298 in Oakley. He is looking for Veterans to interview for his Eagle Project involving the Veterans History Project. The Interview needs to be thirty minutes long and will be Video taped. If Interested please let me know and how you want to be contacted, I will pass that information to the youth and he will contact you. If you have any questions he will answer them for you. Below is some information from the Veterans History Project.

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Scout Participation

Participant Resources

The Veterans History Project provides an ideal opportunity for a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Service Project or Girl Scouts Gold Award Project. Through their participation in the Veterans History Project, Scouts:

  • Submit firsthand stories of America’s veterans to be preserved at the Library of Congress for scholars, researchers and posterity; (Typically Scouts submit 8 to 15 interviews)

  • Foster inter generational bonds,

  • Learn organizational skills:

  • Identify, contact, research, interview and facilitate others’ interviews of America’s vets,

  • Use technical equipment,

  • Manage administrative and legal forms;

  • Learn leadership skills:

  • Initiate projects,

  • Write and execute a plan,

  • Adhere to instructions.

To be successful, aspiring Eagle Scouts or Gold Award recipients must:

  • Carefully, thoroughly review and abide by the VHP Field Kit and “Frequently Asked Questions,” which outline participation requirements; these include interview content and technical requirements as well as satisfactory completion of required forms.

  • Contact Veterans History Project staff, via, prior to submitting a project proposal and wait to receive specific, detailed instructions.

  • Allocate six weeks from date of receipt for VHP staff to review the collection(s) submissions, and allow for any necessary corrections to be made. Library of Congress staff will sign Scouts’ forms regarding completion of projects until this review is conducted and it is determined that submissions meet the minimum requirements. Scouts should incorporate this review time into their planning process in order to meet their personal deadlines.

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